White Birds in Florida: Amid Saw Palmetto Plant Spread

In this article we have a poem which was generated by ChatGPT about the image of one of the white birds in Florida on the right side of the page and then SEO-optimized by yours truly for search performance using several long-tail keywords. We’ll take a look at the poem next and, following that, we’ll go into some details regarding some of the long-tail keywords (LTKs) that are in use and where they can be found.


White Bird in Florida: Amid Saw Palmetto Plant Spread Poem

In Florida’s lands of marsh and sea, Where white birds fly so wild and free, Amidst the green of Saw Palmetto plant spread, An Egret perched with poise and grace ahead.

Its feathers gleaming in the sun, A sight that left me awestruck and stunned, As it surveyed the waters with a watchful eye, Patiently waiting for the fish to pass by.

The Saw Palmetto plant stood tall and proud, A home for creatures both big and small, With its thorny fronds and berries red, A shelter for many a creature to rest their head.

As the Egret took flight with a gentle flap, And soared above the reeds and the grass, It called out to its feathered kin, Who joined in chorus with a cheerful din.

White birds in Florida, they moved as one, A dance of nature, a pure, wild fun, As they spiraled and twirled, in perfect harmony, A sight that left me in absolute ecstasy.

And as the sun began to set, The Egret found its final roost to rest, And amidst the Saw Palmetto plant leaves, It settled in with such natural ease.

For nature’s balance is on full display, As creatures thrive in their natural way, And in Florida’s lands of marsh and sea, White birds soar, forever wild and free.

White Birds In Florida: An Egret sunning itself in some Saw Palmetto plant.
White Birds In Florida: An Egret sunning itself in a Saw Palmetto plant.

White Birds in Florida: A Long-Tail Keyword SEO Review

The first Long-Tail Keyword (LTK) that this page is optimized for is “White Birds in Florida”, we’ve also targeted the “White Bird in Florida” LTK as well. There are several places in this post that include the “White Bird In Florida” LTK as well — in the heading tags, in the image name, and in the image caption, to name just a few.

Egrets: Small White Birds in Florida or Large White Birds in Florida?

Requiring almost no effort on our part we can also target the “Small White Birds in Florida” and “Large White Birds in Florida” LTK’s and potentially win some SEO juice for those as well.

White Bird In Florida SEMrush keyword research results with a pointer to the "white birds in florida" keyword.
White Bird In Florida SEMrush keyword research results.

Note that repetition alone with keywords is probably not enough to see some positive SEO improvements — it may be, we’ll need to watch what Google Search Console reports, but if we include any images that are of, for example, small white birds in Florida, then we’ll want to include this LTK in both the image filename as well as the image alternative text, title, and caption (where appropriate).

Ironically the Snowy Egret, which I believe is the bird in the picture above, is neither a small white bird in Florida nor a large white bird in Florida — Snowy Egrets are a medium-sized white bird in Florida, at least according to the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection.

If the bird in the picture above is not a Snowy Egret, it may be a Great Egret, which is considered to be a large white bird in Florida and elsewhere — if you know with certainty what kind of Egret this is, add a comment or send me an email.

White Bird In Florida And What Else?

We’ve already listed a few of the LTK’s this page is optimized for, but there’s one other LTK that is not a variation of “White Bird In Florida” — can you find it? A hint is to look for repetition in places like heading tags, paragraph text, image filenames, and image metadata. The LTKs we’ve mentioned in this article are all being used exactly as discovered however this is not an absolute requirement.

Saw Palmetto Plant as a Long-Tail Keyword

The other long-tail keyword in use in this poem is “Saw Palmetto plant“. We can view the SEMrush search results for this in the image on the right and in this example the Saw Palmetto plant has an estimated monthly search volume of ~ 1300 queries. If our optimization successfully includes this LTK combination then we may be able to get some percentage of that 1300 per month. Ideally we’d like to get into the top three and even the first search result. Once this page has been published we’ll need to keep an eye on how the content performs and adjust if necessary.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool: Saw Palmetto Plant Abbreviated Search Results with pointers to "saw palmetto plant" and "saw palmetto plants" and their volume (1300 and 390 per month) and the keyword difficulty percentage (easy in both cases).
SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool: Saw Palmetto Plant Abbreviated Search Results including "saw palmetto plant" and "saw palmetto plants".

White Birds in Florida: Amid Saw Palmetto Plant Spread: References

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