Unlock Your Creativity And Move Faster With These Awesome ChatGPT Prompts 💎

This page contains a list of Awesome ChatGPT Prompts which can be used to help supercharge your use of ChatGPT for many activities as well as provide examples of ChatGPT conversations which can be helpful when developing your own.

On the right side of this page I’ve included a form used if you’d like to extend the list below with a link to your own Awesome ChatGPT Prompts page, Twitter Thread, or LinkedIn post.

I have several other articles on ChatGPT including What is the ChatGPT Initial Prompt?, What is a ChatGPT Prompt? and How To Write Good ChatGPT Prompts? — which should be helpful supporting documents for this page.

What Is A ChatGPT Prompt?

The answer below comes directly from ChatGPT — it was easier and faster to just ask ChatGPT directly rather than try to develop my own response:

A ChatGPT prompt is a question, statement, or phrase that serves as the starting point for a conversation or interaction with the ChatGPT language model. The purpose of the prompt is to guide the model’s response or generate a specific output. For example, a user might provide a prompt like “What are the benefits of exercise?” to initiate a discussion about exercise, and the ChatGPT model will generate a relevant response based on its training and knowledge. Prompts can be general or specific, depending on the desired outcome or information being sought.

If you’re developing your own ChatGPT conversation you may find the article entitled “How To Write Good ChatGPT Prompts?” to be helpful.

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The Awesome ChatGPT Prompts List

The list of Awesome ChatGPT Prompts appears below. See the form on the right hand side of this page if you have one of your own which you’d like to add to this list.

ChatGPT Prompt KeyChatGPT Prompt Date AddedChatGPT Prompt Source URLChatGPT Prompt Author URLChatGPT Prompt Description
104/24/2023ChatGPT Prompt Source URLAuthor URLAn example ChatGPT Prompt.
204/24/2023ChatGPT Prompt Source URLAuthor URLGitHub repository including ChatGPT prompt curation to use ChatGPT better.
304/24/2023ChatGPT Prompt Source URLAuthor URL20 ChatGPT prompts to finish hours of work in seconds.
404/28/2023ChatGPT Prompt Source URLAuthor URL5 Advanced ChatGPT prompt techniques that will put you ahead of the world
505/01/2023ChatGPT Prompt Source URLAuthor URLTop 10 ChatGPT prompt s to save 100s of hours of boring work.
605/08/2023ChatGPT Prompt Source URLAuthor URL22 ChatGPT prompts to take your business to a whole new level!
705/11/2023ChatGPT Prompt Source URLAuthor URL10 ChatGPT prompts to finish hours of work in seconds
805/13/2023ChatGPT Prompt Source URLAuthor URLThe best ChatGPT prompts are not questions, ten examples.
905/14/2023ChatGPT Prompt Source URLAuthor URL10 free AI courses to get you ahead, including ChatGPT prompt engineering.
1005/22/2023ChatGPT Prompt Source URLAuthor URLTwelve ChatGPT prompts for your marketing department.
1105/24/2023ChatGPT Prompt Source URLAuthor URLFive powerful browsing prompts for GPT-4.


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