ThosPFuller: Software engineer and architect located in Northern Virginia

Wendy Wong and I are the founders of Coherent Logic Limited, a software company based in McLean, VA. Simply stated, we help private-sector and government leaders solve interesting problems that require both software engineering and data analytics.

I am available for hire for fixed-scope project work, contract work, or, in certain cases, full-time employment roles in the DC area or remote.

My software engineering interests

My software development interests focus on mainly product development, backend software development, with an emphasis on software architecture, web application development, performance, data, middleware, web services, application programming interface (API), and site reliability engineering as well as technical search engine optimization (SEO).

Insofar as data engineering goes, I have developed solutions for the Apache Spark Cluster Computing platform; I have also released several data acquisition packages for the R Project for Statistical Computing.

My cloud interests and experience

In 2019 I passed the AWS Associate Architect exam and I wrote about the experience in the post entitled How to Prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Associate Certification Exam.

I also have an interest in cloud-native as well as cloud migration projects. I have significant experience is with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and am in the AWS IQ program — please find my profile on IQ here.

I also have experience with the Digital Ocean cloud platform and occasionally use it for projects.

I have articles available on various AWS services and solutions to various problems located on the posts page on this site.

My open-source software interests and projects

I have source code for various projects and ideas that I’ve developed available under various open-source licenses in my personal GitHub repository as well as my company Bitbucket repository.

I also have several Docker images available in my personal DockerHub repository which allow users to work with some of the software solutions that I’ve developed and cuts down the time dramatically.

About the Washington, DC CTO Meetup Group

I run the Washington, DC CTO Meetup Group, and we usually have an event every few weeks and they’re hosted over Zoom and all are welcome irrespective of location. If you’ve given a talk and would like to reuse the content or if you’d like to give a presentation, ping me and we can discuss the details.