Thomas P. Fuller: WordPress Consultant and Technical SEO Consultant in Northern Virginia

Our company, Coherent Logic Limited, is a Technical Search Engine Optimization (Technical SEO) agency and we offer Technical SEO services in an effort to help our customers solve problems with all aspects of web application development and with a specific focus on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), which is a popular platform for digital marketing and is used by 43.2% of websites on the Internet. We offer Technical SEO Consulting services and work with clients both remotely as well as on-site primarily in the Northern Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), and Washington DC metropolitan regions; we also work with clients on-site to solve Technical Search Engine Optimization and WordPress problems in the Chicagoland area. Other services we offer include:

  • Website Audit Service
  • Technical SEO Audit Service
  • Emergency WordPress Support
  • WordPress Performance Tuning / WordPress Speed Optimization
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • SEO for Technology Companies
  • Content generation for Technology Companies


Better Digital Marketing Campaigns Begin with Fantastic Technical SEO!

If you need help with Technical Search Engine Optimization (Technical SEO) then schedule an appointment with me, I'll perform a site audit before our call, and when we speak we can discuss my findings and plan a way forward.

About Coherent Logic Limited: WordPress Focused Technical SEO Consulting based in Northern, VA USA

I am the founder of Coherent Logic Limited, a software technology based in McLean, VA (Northern Virginia) and focusing on Technical Search Engine Optimization (Technical SEO) and the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

We help our customers discover and correct problems that can negatively impact ranking with search engines such as Google and Bing, develop properly structured content which leads to increases in organic traffic, and research and engineer content that visitors are actually searching for. The net result from this investment is an improvement in the website’s overall health, a reduced reliance on expensive ad campaigns, and more valuable digital marketing campaigns.