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I help customers who need to quickly hire an expert developer for either a short and long-term software engineering engagement. And when I say I help I do mean that I am a hands-on software engineer and do write code. In fact, it’s common for me to have code committed to a project within the first week of starting a new assignment.

I have an interest and also experience with all phases of software development including product prototyping and development, software engineering and architecture, testing, performance engineering, data engineering, web services development, and more.

Learn more about how I can help you on my software engineering page.

Technical search engine optimization (technical SEO) is closely linked to backend software engineering as well as performance engineering and requires an understanding of web applications, site structure, SEO, testing, testing, and more testing.

Note that this is not marketing-focused SEO which entails keyword targeting and copywriting and can often take months for results to manifest with search engines such as Google and appear as an uptick in impressions, clicks, and search result placement. Changes made with respect to Technical SEO often apply to the entire site and can be supported by before and after tests with quantifiable metrics that clearly demonstrate the improvement made.

Writing is tedious and can be a time-intensive task especially when your article needs to include actual working examples and is not just another blog publication but an integral part of your business’ web presence.

Learn more about my content generation services and how I can help you and your business educate prospective clients, attract new leads, establish a better brand, and deliver content with consistency when you work with me.

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If you’re ready to purchase a plan or need more information, including pricing details, sent me an email and we can set up a time to speak over the phone or, alternatively, choose a time from my calendar below.

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Note to prospective clients
: this service is geared toward small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that need an E-commerce solution or need to integrate with one or more third-party applications or automate business processes.

This service is offered through my business, Coherent Logic Limited, and may involve one or more software engineers, and other staff or partners (such as additional engineers, graphics designers, testers, and/or project managers).

We rely on both open-source as well as proprietary software which may be licensed on a recurring monthly or yearly basis.

We may also require the use of web services that are billed in a recurring manner.

This service is
not appropriate for one-person operations that simply need a business website built.

We do not exchange results for equity nor do we get involved with market validation of ideas. If, however, your startup is fully-funded that needs a solution developed then we encourage you to contact us.

Finally, this is not a staff augmentation service.