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Educate prospective clients, attract new leads, establish a better brand, and deliver content with consistency when you work with me.

Writing is tedious and can be a time-intensive task especially when your article needs to include actual working examples and is not just another blog publication but an integral part of your business’ web presence.

If you’re a technical leader who is pressed for time, some of the benefits of engaging with me include:

  • Deliver articles consistently, which is very important for audience building.
  • Help with article research and development. Develop articles that include opportunities for engagement.
  • Help with article syndication. I can help you deliver your content to audiences that are in excess of 100,000 people.
  • Help with editing articles that are in progress or that already exist and require an update.
  • Help with refreshing existing content.
  • Use of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, avoiding mistakes, long-tail keyword research, and more.
  • Help with social media and the research and development of messages ready for distribution.
  • Go as deep as you need to, especially if your business develops a software product.
  • Deliver high-quality examples that include working source code or snippets that are backed by complete examples.

I include several examples for your perusal in the following section.

Reference Articles

Let’s start with some analytics. Below I have a copy of my profile, with a pointer to the number of articles I’ve released on this site as well as the number of page views (22.0k, where the first article was published in September of 2020 and the date at the time of this writing is December 24th, 2020).

Analytics for my publications on

Note that is just one example of where these articles have been published and it’s instructive to note that the primary reason for targeting DZone is audience size: DZone has over one million members.