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In my yard in Reston, VA USA.

My background at a glance

Service areas (Remote = Worldwide)

Interim or Fractional Technical Leadership

Turn your vision into a reality

I am available on a retainer basis as a technical lead for projects that require both technical leadership as well as team leadership experience as either an interim Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) or as a hands-on team lead and developer for businesses of all sizes.

I am a proponent of both Agile software development and eXtreme programming (XP) practices with a focus on continuous improvement, continuous testing, and continuous delivery.

My focus is mostly on back-end software development and please refer to my page on software engineering services to learn more about how I can help your business.

The types of projects I get involved with include prototyping efforts to standard application development and even project course-correction remediation efforts.

Take ideas to market faster

For businesses that are trying to bring a software product to market faster, I can help you turn those requirements into a working prototype that will give you and your business the ability to generate leads, sell your solution to customers, and to pursue further funding opportunities.

Recover projects that are off course

Projects that are lacking leadership, for one reason or another, experience some common characteristics that manifest at a high level and may have anything from a few to many of the following characteristics:

  • Unstable releases
  • Unpredictable release schedules
  • Unpredictable time to implement, test, and release new features
  • Strange behavior, strange defects, and brittle code
  • Little or no test coverage
  • Engineers working long hours, over weekends, or both
  • High stress
  • High attrition rate
  • Incorrect or broken architecture
  • Little or no automation
  • A cost that is high and/or creeping upward
  • A development cadence that is unpredictable or slowing
  • Other problems

If this sounds like your project then the time to act is now and you should get in touch with me.

Move projects from an offshore service provider to in-house development

Sometimes it’s necessary to move a project from an offshore service provider such that it is under the complete control and oversight of the business and relying on local software developers. If you’re contemplating this move I recommend not doing it unless you have a technical lead available to help mitigate the risks that come from taking this action.

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