Welcome to the Washington DC CTO Meetup Group

The Washington DC CTO Meetup Group is the place to be for Chief Technical Officers (CTO)s and the technology experts that support them. We come together on Meetup.com, LinkedIn, and Slack for healthy conversations on topics that cover business, technology, strategy, execution, product development, startups, testing, etc..

This page includes instructions regarding how to join the Washington DC CTO Meetup Group, an open invitation for anyone who might be interested in speaking at one of our events, along with a list of upcoming events (see here to review past events).

Join the Washington DC CTO Meetup Group

The Washington DC CTO Meetup Group can be found on meetup.com and we have links below regarding how to join this group as well as the companion Slack community and LinkedIn social networking group.

Speak at the Washington DC CTO Meetup Group

If you’re interested in giving a talk on anything technology-related then please contact me and we can discuss the presentation in detail. Ideally we would like to have impactful discussions on subjects such as:

  • Web services & API’s
  • Microservices
  • Software architecture
  • Agile & Scrum practices
  • Software project management
  • Software product development
  • Bitcoin, blockchain, and virtual currency
  • Kubernetes, Docker, and orchestration
  • Devops
  • Testing
  • Startups, idea incubation, proof-of-concept applications, securing funding
  • Business development for technology-focused companies

and we welcome people from across the globe to present to the Washington DC CTO Meetup Group. Keep in mind that events are held during Eastern Standard Time (EST) and are often presented around lunch (EST) or in the evening. Events are frequently held over Zoom and this opens the door for anyone to attend. In-person events are typically held in McLean, Virginia.

Lunchtime presentations often last for an hour, give or take, whereas presentations given in the evening can be scheduled for up to 2.5 hours and may include than one speaker.

On occasion we broadcast talks on YouTube Live or we’ll record the event and release it as a video presentation on YouTube.

Upcoming Washington DC CTO Meetup Events

As of January 2021 the Washington DC CTO Meetup Group has had 36 events with speakers from the USA as well as Europe.

Please see the past events page to review our previous talks. Below we include a list of upcoming events.