Technical SEO: Juice for The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

Imagine spending time, money, and Energy on a Digital Marketing Campaign and only realizing later that there were structural and performance problems with your website that hampered the overall success of the effort.

Are You Trapped In A WordPress Rabbit Hole ?

This happens all too frequently, even with technology companies that have technical expertise on-hand to deal with problems such as website management. Someone has to keep the business website up-to-date however WordPress, while a very powerful Content Management System (CMS), is more complicated than may appear at first glance — and this becomes especially important when investing in Digital Marketing Campaigns designed to win new customers for the business.

and the level of complexity and time required to get and keep WordPress in good working order grows quickly. This requires the skills of a Technical Search Engine Optimization specialist (Technical SEO) — a professional who is proficient with these technologies, for example. Technical SEO has a fair amount of overlap with basic software engineering however it also overlaps with digital marketing as well.

A few unfortunate issues that come from using a CMS such as WordPress:

  • It’s possible to have a higher-than-usual bounce rate because the website is slow. WordPress optimization is not easy to do and it also can require many changes accompanied by testing.
  • It’s possible to have good content which is not performing well because it’s not structured properly.
  • It’s possible to have good content which is not seen by Google.
  • We have to stay on top of WordPress constantly — even more so if the site is actively used as a front-end to attract customers.

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If you need help with Technical Search Engine Optimization (Technical SEO) then schedule an appointment with me, I'll perform a site audit before our call, and when we speak we can discuss my findings and plan a way forward.

I am the founder of Coherent Logic Limited, a software technology based in McLean, VA (Northern Virginia) and focusing on Technical Search Engine Optimization (Technical SEO) and the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

We help our customers discover and correct problems that can negatively impact ranking with search engines such as Google and Bing, develop properly structured content which leads to increases in organic traffic, and research and engineer content that visitors are actually searching for. The net result from this investment is an improvement in the website’s overall health, a reduced reliance on expensive ad campaigns, and more valuable digital marketing campaigns.