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If everything was working well on your WordPress business website you likely wouldn’t be looking at a webpage that offers a Free Search Engine Optimization Consultation (Free SEO Consultation) service, so it’s likely things aren’t going well, and this is where I should be able to help you.

Let’s take a look at a few scenarios that may have brought you here:

Why did the page take so long to load?

You know this was just working fine a moment ago — the page was loading quickly but then for reasons that aren’t clear the same page took much longer to load — so long that you’re worried and concerned that this behavior is likely harming your business.

Why are we seeing these errors on this webpage?”

This is another scenario where business leadership may benefit from engaging with a specialist because webpage errors can be difficult to resolve in certain cases and if it’s not your area of focus you’d be better off speaking with someone who knows the subject well.

What are core web vitals issues?”

…And why did I just receive an email from the Google Search Console Team about this?

The email from the Google Search Console Team indicates that one or more pages on your business website have Core Web Vitals issues and it’s unclear what the implications of this are or how to go about addressing these problems.

Free SEO Consultation

A Free SEO Consultation is an opportunity for you to receive specialist advice regarding how to improve your website's visibility in search engine results. This hour-long SEO consultation can help to identify opportunities that lead to increased organic traffic, improve user experience (UX), and achieve your digital marketing goals. This offering is for business websites only and is restricted to prospective clients located in the United States, Canada, or the European Union.

I’ve not even scratched the surface regarding the kinds of problems I’ve seen over the years doing web development and working with WordPress, but it all starts by taking a closer look at how your website is running and that starts with a Complimentary SEO Consultation.

Scenarios like these are where a Free SEO Consultation can help you

Consider contacting me for a Complimentary SEO Consultation if you’re experiencing any of the following issues with your business website:

Website Errors

Fixing website errors is important for both SEO as well as overall user experience (UX).

An error-free website ensures smooth navigation, leading to increased engagement and higher search rankings.

From the perspective of SEO, a well-maintained website can achieve better visibility in search results which positively influences organic traffic and potential customer interactions.

From a business standpoint, addressing these issues solidifies your brand’s credibility.

Websites with fewer errors appear more professional and trustworthy to visitors and this is crucial for conversion.

Optimizing for technical issues can result in faster page load times, further enhancing user satisfaction.

In essence, rectifying website errors not only ensures optimal online visibility but also establishes a foundation of trust which drives better business outcomes.

Unpredictable page load times

From an SEO standpoint, fixing unpredictable page load times is important.

Search engines, such as Google, factor in page speed when ranking websites, meaning consistent and fast load times can lead to improved search visibility.

Slow or inconsistent page load times can lead to higher bounce rates as users tend to abandon pages that don’t load quickly and this alone can negatively impact search engine rankings.

For a business owner, the advantages go beyond just SEO. Consistent and swift page load times enhance the user experience (UX) and encourage visitors to stay longer and engage more with the content.

Lingering visitors can lead to increased conversions, including sales, sign-ups, and other desired actions.

Additionally, a smoothly operating website portrays professionalism and boosts your brand’s credibility.

In an era where users expect instant digital gratification, ensuring predictable page load times can be a significant differentiator for your online presence, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Unstable website behavior

Insofar as SEO goes, stabilizing erratic website behavior is of top-level importance.

Search engines prioritize sites that offer consistent, user-friendly experiences.

Unstable behavior, such as random crashes or non-responsive elements, will likely lead to higher bounce rates, which signals to search engines that the site may not be user-friendly, and this can negatively influence rankings.

For a business owner, rectifying unstable website behavior offers multiple benefits.

A stable website ensures that potential customers can navigate and transact without disruptions, and this should positively affect both conversions and sales.

A consistent and reliable business website builds trust with visitors and enhances your brand’s reputation.

In a competitive digital landscape, a dependable website experience can be the difference between retaining customers or driving those customers to your competition.

Errors in Google Search Console

Page Experience Errors, Core Web Vitals Errors, and Mobile Usability Issues are all problems that can appear in Google Search Console and should be addressed where possible.

The Page Experience report in Google Search Console contains a set of signals that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with pages on your website.

The Core Web Vitals report in Google Search Console offers insights into key website performance metrics, specifically page loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability.

The Core Web Vitals metrics help website owners understand and improve the user experience (UX) on their webpages.

The Mobile Usability report in Google Search Console evaluates and reports on how well a website performs on mobile devices, highlighting any issues that might hinder a user’s experience, such as viewport configuration, clickable elements spacing, and readable text.

The Mobile Usability report assists website owners in optimizing their sites for mobile accessibility and performance.

Keep in mind that while page experience, mobile usability, and core web vitals are important ranking signals, these constitute a subset of a larger ecosystem of ranking factors.

High-quality, relevant content remains of top-level importance.

Fixing errors in Google Search Console reports ensures that your quality content gets the presentation and platform it deserves and leads to enhanced visibility and user engagement.

What's included in your Complimentary SEO Consultation?

In advance of our hour-long meeting, I’ll run a Technical SEO Audit, review your website, and when we have our call we discuss my findings along with any questions I may have.

This is meant to be an open conversation so expect many questions from me about what you’ve done and what you’re doing and what’s worked and what hasn’t and you can ask me any questions you may have as well.

If you have access to Google Search Console (GSC) we can take a look at that too — in fact, I recommend that we take a look at GSC since there may be issues there that need to be addressed.

A SEMrush site health score of 93% where the top-10% of websites have a site health score of 92% -- used in the Free SEO Consultation service.
An overall SEMrush site health score of 93% places this site in the top 10% of websites in this industry.
Google Search Console contains a wealth of information about how a website performs on Google Search and also includes other information, such as indexing issues, mobile usability issues, core web vitals issues, and more that can negatively impact search performance when left unaddressed.

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