SEO Cheat Sheet #5: Delay, Delay, Delay

Let’s take a closer look how we can delay the loading of images & videos and, in the process, reduce the size of a web page request considerably.

SEO Cheat Sheet #4: Several Examples of Low-Hanging SEO Fruit

In this article we review several examples of low-hanging search engine optimization (SEO) fruit — features of a website which can positively impact SEO and which are relatively easy to achieve, along with commentary — if you have other low-hanging SEO fruit please add them in the comments. Insofar as implementation is concerned, the focus,Continue reading “SEO Cheat Sheet #4: Several Examples of Low-Hanging SEO Fruit”

SEO Cheat Sheet #3: Long-Tail Keyword Crash Course

Long-tail keywords are a search query involving three or more keywords which are focused and hence less competitive and which should result in driving high-conversion traffic to a website. By high-conversion traffic we mean visitors who end up converting into customers. The following simple formula should help pages rank better over time: Well written and interestingContinue reading “SEO Cheat Sheet #3: Long-Tail Keyword Crash Course”

SEO Cheat Sheet #2: Page Speed & Image Optimization

Nobody likes being kept waiting, and that includes search engines. In this article we cover upsides and downsides of the Google PageSpeed Module and the W3 Total Cache Pro plugin (for WordPress-based websites) along with a brief explanation of some basic performance tests that were conducted using the website.

SEO Cheat Sheet #1: “Which are the best SEO strategies?”

Search Engine Optimization improvements can be achieved from valid document structure + excellent content + relevant keywords (in particular, long-tail keywords) + fast page load time (note that backlinks are not covered in this article).