How to Fix the og:image Open Graph Meta Tags are Missing Critical Issue (with pictures)

In this article we’ll take a brief look at the Open Graph Protocol, the og:image meta tag, and we’ll review how to identify that this value is missing and how to fix this issue.

Finally, we’ll take a look at the Facebook for Developers: Sharing Debugger tool, test several pages, and address an image size issue.

Quickly Connect to an EC2 Instance deployed in a VPC using the AWS Systems Manager Session Manager

This article provides a solution for users who need to connect to an Amazon EC2 instance which has been deployed in a Virtual Private Cloud using the AWS Systems Manager Session Manager.

Easily Install the Metrics Server on minikube in 5 Steps and avoid wasting time on unexpected x509 certificate validation errors

This article addresses an issue with a Metrics Server installation on Minikube which isn’t working due to an x509 certificate validation error caused by missing IP SANs.

Answers to 5 Kubernetes CKAD Practice Questions (2021)

We review five questions as they pertain to the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam and include answers along with commentary and verification that the solution works.

How to Prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Associate Certification Exam‎

In my opinion, practice exams and tests are a very important tool to use when studying for this exam and this article includes 17 links to exams, quizzes, and tests to assist you in your effort.

SEO Cheat Sheet #4: Several Examples of Low-Hanging SEO Fruit

We introduce Sitelinks Breadcrumbs, Searchbox, and Menu, improving site speed, configuring HTTP/2, and adding and testing HTTP Strict Transport Security headers to a website.