On Friday, May 07th, 2021 Erik Brandsberg of Heimdall Data delivered the presentation entitled: “Scaling Beyond PostgreSQL PgBouncer and Postgres Pgpool-II: Advanced Traffic Management” — the description follows from below.

Database proxies intelligently manage database connections to improve performance and scale. In this session, we will highlight deficiencies of open-source PgBouncer and Pgpool-II that users should know, and propose solutions.

Scaling Postgres features to be discussed

The following list covers some of the topics that were discussed in this presentation and which are important when it comes to scaling the Postgres relational database:

  • PostgreSQL connection pooling

  • PostgreSQL read/write splitting with Strong Consistency

  • PostgreSQL query caching

  • Persisted connection and PostgreSQL automatic failover

  • Active Directory / LDAP integration

This Heimdall Data Technical Session presentation includes a live demo and Q&A section and is delivered by Erik Brandsberg, Chief Technical Officer of Heimdall Data.

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